The 21st Malaysian Capital Market Summit


The Malaysian Capital Market has played a major role in financing the domestic economy. In 2015, the capital market grew by 2.1% to RM2.8 trillion, becoming one of the top performers last year. The Securities Commission estimates that RM80 billion will be raised in the capital market in 2016, RM75 billion from bond market and RM5 billion from IPO’s. The Islamic Capital Market last year reached RM1.69 trillion representing 60% of the Malaysian capital market.


The Malaysian Capital Market Summit has been recognised as a leading high-level Forum focusing specifically on the challenges and prospects facing the capital market. Held towards the end of the year, it has been a useful platform to assess the trends, key issues and outlook of the capital market in the coming year. It is a high level gathering bringing together market players, stock brokers, foreign investors and research managers to take stock of the market. The Summit provides a meeting of minds to feel the pulse of the market and the economy.



  • Investment Bankers
  • Research Managers
  • Accountants
  • Securities companies / Stock Brokers
  • Institutional Investors
  • Business Advisers
  • Company Directors
  • Finance Directors
  • Fund Managers
  • CFO’s / Company Secretaries
  • Legal Advisers
  • Corporate Planning Managers