The 17th Malaysia Capital Market Submit

Date : 29 October 2012
Time : 8.30am
Venue : The Ro yale Chulan Kuala Lumpur


The Annual Series of the Malaysian Capital Market Summit, a landmark programme of the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI), in its 17th edition this year aims to provide timely and reliable information and analysis to investors and market players. It is a high-level gathering of industry players, fund managers, investment analysts and research houses to feel the pulse of the Malaysian market, as well as to assess future strategic challenges and opportunities. It will enable participants to feel the tempo of development and take stock of the market. The Summit will provide participants with updates on key trends, risk management, future opportunities and major issues.

This year amidst global uncertainties, the Malaysian market has emerged to be a Rising Star and becoming a global hub for IPO's. The recent mega listings of FELDA and Integrated Healthcare have attracted greater interest in the Malaysian market.

This year, the Malaysian market has reached historic highs making it the envy of many markets. Yet, the growing global uncertainties hang a cloud over the future prospects of the market, following the US downgrade and the bearish sentiments in Wall Street and in Europe arising from their economic challenges and the possibility of a double dip recession. Yet, the successful roll-out of ETP projects in Malaysia with a 85% rate has underpin the economic resilience of Malaysia and the confidence of investors. The September Budget for 2013 also is positive for the market. The recent robust 5.4% GDP growth in the 2nd quarter caught many economic analysts by surprise, showing the resilience of the Malaysian economy.

The Summit provides a meeting of minds to feel the rhythm of development in Malaysia and determine the directions the Malaysian economy and market will take in the coming year. The market remains a key economic barometer. The Summit will be insightful, informative and thought provoking and provides useful networking opportunities. It will also enable you to determine how volatile the global economy and global markets will be and how to better balance risk and opportunity.