Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) Conference

Date : 25 JUNE 2012 to 26 JUNE 2012
Time : 8.00am
Venue : Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur

As REIT in Asia continues to grow across borders, it is imperative to keep a close watch on major issues such as current market updates, trends, developments, market forecast and regulation updates. The Malaysian government has been continuously taking measures to boost the REIT industry such as putting in place generous tax incentives and stamp duty exemption for REITs. This has created excitement in the industry and spurred property players and investors to grasp the emerging investment opportunities.

REITs investment is viewed as one of most attractive investment vehicle due to its flexible and liquid nature. This investment with its attractive features which includes dividends that often increases from year to year, easy to buy, sell and follow demands constant attention from the regulatory bodies, asset managers, property developers, fund managers and investors to frequently monitor the REITS market. Get answers and concerns that are hitting the REITS market. Learn and engage with the real estate world in Asia to discover the latest movement in this sector as well as taking advantage of first hand information.

ASLI's REITs Reality Conference will bring together key decision-makers, policy-makers, private sector players, property developers, asset managers, investors, and consultants to share experience and forecast outlook and opportunities in the REITs market. This is an important meeting of minds to feel the pulse of the REITs sector and to be updated on new trends and developments.