Malaysian Power & Water Summit

Malaysia is rapidly growing. The economic growth creates increasing demand for utilities. The utilities sector which comprises of electricity and water industries in Malaysia contributed approximately RM17.71 billion (2.61%) to the country's total GDP in the year  2009. In the latest Malaysia Electricity Industry Report 1H2011 released by Emerging Markets Direct, it was reported that the annual growth rate of Malaysia’s electricity generation has declined over the last decade, even reaching only 0.99% in 2009. The demand for electricity is growing in tandem with its GDP growth. It received a boost from the rollout of projects under the 5 year Malaysia Plan & the on-going monumental efforts of the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).


Malaysia is blessed with an abundance of water, with water resources of 21,500 cubic meters per capita per year. However, with a growing economy, Malaysia will need to be more prudent and efficient in its management of water resources and supply. Our current challenge in water resource management lies in addressing the mismatch of either abundance of it or controlled access to water itself. The water industry offers abundant opportunities for the private sector with the growing demand by both consumers & industries.


Sustainable and green energy is another growth area for Malaysia. The feed-in mechanism promoted by Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) has been receiving strong support and the public sector has been encouraging more set-up of green based companies compared to the last decade. With all these in progress, long term strategies are being drafted to ensure these plans are rolled out.


ASLI is proud to present the Malaysian Water & Power Summit 2014 which is set to take place on 18 February 2014 in Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur. The foundation for a vibrant future has already been drawn, it is up to the leaders in this nation to pick up the pace and create a structured path which promises reliable, quality and affordable water and power services to meet the rising needs of the business sector and consumers.



  • To understand the current landscape of utilities industry of Malaysia
  • To explore opportunities and new business synergies
  • To gain insights of the evolving world of sustainability in both water & power energy sector
  • To understand the new investment hot-spots for national & international players
  • To gain ample of networking opportunities with the industry experts and leaders