Internal Fraud Investigation and Control - Strategies to combat internal fraud through devising control mechanisms



8-9 April 2013






 Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur


A Fraud Survey conducted by a global agency shows 83% of Malaysian public and private limited companies have experienced fraud. More than half of the respondents (62%) believed that fraud is a major problem in Malaysia. In terms of losses due to fraud, 36% suffered losses between RM10,001 to RM100,000. It also reveals that 23% out of 100 Malaysian large companies surveyed have been subjected to fraud, and 70% of the cases reported was committed by employees.


Henceforth we can establish the fact that corporate fraud is on the rise and losses are mounting everywhere. The types of con jobs are multiplying and the conduct of fraudsters are changing. This 2 day event will enhance your capabilities to battle against internal employee fraud and corruption and to better equip yourselves as dynamic investigators by ensuring high standards of skills through agile fraud examination and investigative techniques.


This conference takes a very wide definition of fraud to include most dishonesty impacting a company. It has been specifically designed to provide a thorough understanding of how to prevent fraud in the workplace through designing an effective internal control mechanism



After this program you will be able to:

• Understand the drivers and enablers of internal fraud.
• Learn how Fraud Risk Management fits into wider Enterprise Risk Management.
• Design and implement a complete Internal Fraud Management Programme for your company.
• Know investigative tools and interviewing techniques toexamine fraud from all the angles.
• Detect when fraud is occurring in your company.
• Know the principles of the sound internal control systems to prevent fraud. 
• Derive upon an ethical conduct within the organisation through proper implementation of internal fraud control mechanisms



CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CSOs, as well as Directors, Vice Presidents,Heads, General Managers, and Senior Managers of:

• Fraud Prevention & Investigation
• Anti-money Laundering
• Risk Management
• Internal & External Audit
• Internal Control
• Compliance & Corporate Governance
• Business intelligence 
• Regulating Affairs
• Risk Management 
• Legal Counsel
• Account Management
• Credit Control
• Financial Strategy & Planning