Greater KL & Smart City Summit

With Malaysia gaining momentum towards high-income nation and entrance into global economy market as strong player, the sense of transforming the traditional networks and infrastructure that made current nation into efficient smart city is inevitable. These means of improvement is not focusing purely on digital, telecommunications and ICT transformation for easier access but it is beyond that. A smart city is not only about stylising available resources for carbon management, it means smarter transportation network and management, availability of multiple resources for power, uninterrupted water supply, waste disposable management and the list goes on. The end game for smart city transformations would result into more interactive, real time responsive city management, full usage of public spaces, safety and security upgraded, meeting the golden age requirement, and finally yet importantly, citizens who can live, play and work due to accessibility and resources. What was originally planned as engineering and architectural visions has transformed into science of city management and Malaysia is gearing towards achieving all the facets of smart and modern city.


The Greater KL and Smart City is looking forward to share new development in ICT, mobility, urban planning and building, collaborative smart society, sustainability, and urban resilience to engage and mobilise the development of smart cities in Malaysia.



  • Understanding why sustainability is the buzz word of the century
  • Challenging cities of Malaysia to move away from traditional management towards smart modern city
  • Tracking the evolution of technology in the cities to further enhance service delivery
  • Appreciating the progress that has taken place all over Malaysia
  • Networking with the movers and shakers of multiple industries for smart city progression



  • City Mayors
  • Director Generals
  • Presidents / MDs / CEOs / CFOs / VPs / Directors / General Managers
  • Head of I infrastructure Development
  • Heads of Ur ban Planning & Development
  • Heads of Town Planning
  • Heads of Finance / Investment / PPPs
  • Heads of Environment
  • Government departments - Federal, State and Local Councils
  • Municipal and Regional Government Authorities
  • Regional Development Agencies
  • Property Developers
  • Construction, Architecture and Engineering Firms
  • Urban Designers and Developers
  • Leisure and Hospitality Operators
  •  Transport Industry
  • Banks & Financial Institutions


Also senior executives of key organisations involved in the design, construction

  • Residential Developments
  • Roads, Rails, Tunnels, Bridges, Dams, Water Treatment Plants
  • Leisure & Commercial Developments
  • Property Development Projects
  • Government and Civic Buildings