ASLI Engagements


In our rush to boardrooms and offices every day, we forget to take a step back and reflect on the issues that plague our organisations, our country and our surroundings. We no longer find the time to consider how an issue as seemingly distant as corruption in the public sector can affect staff motivation in the private sector, or understand how a speculator at a trading floor in another country can cause the price of tomatoes to rise in our neighbourhood. We are no longer able to connect these events as leaders. We lose track of the importance of basic values taught to us at school and enshrined in our Rukun Negara, and how important they are in managing our businesses, boardrooms, staff and institutions.

The ASLI 'Til Eleven Morning Insights a signature morning talk series designed for CEOS, C- Suites, legislators, parliamentarians, policy makers, public officials, the diplomatic fraternity, business councils and industry leaders. 'Til Eleven engages prominent figures to discuss current and topical issues ranging from business, economics, social issues, governance, public and private sector improvements, journalism, civil society as well as arts and culture. The bi-monthly series, running from 9am-11am, begins with a power networking breakfast, followed by a conversation with our guest speakers. The discussion will be opened to the audience.



3-5 Afternoon Insights', a signature talk series focusing on the social development agenda, and its critical areas for strengthening and reform. This series engages leading figures in the various fields of social development, sharing their insights on the latest initiatives, trends, challenges and solutions in the global movement towards a better and more sustainable future for all. The areas of discussion range from poverty. inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace and justice. ASLI champions the social development agenda through partnerships between the public and private sectors, civil society organisations and citizens in ensuring a better planet for the future generations.



The "Nation Building Conversations" is designed to exclusively enable leaders not only to present their vision but also have the ability to hear from a live audience where that vision can be better enhanced and shared.

The session will present movers and shakers not limited to, local in Malaysia but regional and global, from all walks of life who will present their vision for a better society, a better country, better systems and processes for a better tomorrow, globally. 

The platform will be given to a leader, from public and private sector, to present their vision on a subject matter they are focused on and passionate about, and this will be followed by a conversation with the leader. It will cover social, economic and business agenda.



The ‘CENTRE STAGE’, is one of ASLI newest signature engagement platforms. 

In a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA), and where international and domestic issues are intertwined that one affects the other, we can no longer afford to ignore current issues even when these seem distant and of no relevance. Hence, policy solutions that require national attention must be adapted and suited to the current circumstances. There is a need, therefore, to bring together the complex of issues from all rakyat of Malaysia to the attention of the ‘centre stage’ to address the issues with pragmatic, holistic, and sensible policies and not least in both an urgent and a sustainable manner. 

ASLI ‘Centre Stage’ is designed with the intention of inviting the authorities and influencers to provide timely, focussed, factual and in-depth discourse on pertinent and current issues that are facing the public. With this ‘Centre Stage’, ASLI aims to respond immediately to current issues that are critical and urgent, and play host so as to elevate the attention of the relevant current issues to the rightful decision makers for the ultimate good of the rakyat. 




The Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI) is always at the forefront of articulating the aspirations and concerns of the rakyat. This is in line with our mandate to create a better society as well as consistent with our independent and non-partisan stance as a not-for-profit organisation.
This is why in all of ASLI’s signature events, projecting and expressing the voice of the rakyat has characteristically been a key feature. In the era of Malaysia Baharu, ASLI’s role in this regard takes on renewed and fresh emphasis and vigour: To offer a safe space and a reliable platform for the Malaysian citizenry to come forward and speak their mind without fear or favour.
We at ASLI wish to enable and empower Malaysians to speak truth to power. As one of the country’s leading think tanks, we believe that public policy is a two-way process and engagement that involves both sides, the government and the rakyat. ASLI wish to ensure that the delicate balance between the government and the rakyat in listening to each other and as co-influencers continues, and even elevated to a higher level for Nation Building.
Indeed, this latest signature event of ASLI aptly dubbed, “Suara Rakyat” is motivated by the desire and intent to enhance the consultative fora in our society – to empower individuals and groups to speak up in a clear and forthright manner. Suara Rakyat is meant to shine a spotlight on the critical and burning issues of the day. As can be gleaned from the title itself, this forum will be from the perspective of the rakyat. We want the unvarnished truth to be given its rightful expression and place. Finally, Suara Rakyat aims be a catalyst and impetus in spurring thought-provoking and insightful discussions with the view of proposing solutions that will not only win hearts and minds but truly sustainable and the best of all possible worlds in the interests of future generations.