ASLISE is the embodiment of ASLI’s commitment towards championing sustainable practices. Formulated to serve as the leading engagement platform for local, regional and global social enterprises, ASLISE will provide strategic networking opportunities by connecting key stakeholders within the social enterprise ecosystem while curating relevant awareness campaigns and public engagement events.  ASLISE sets the stage for thought leadership towards capacity development for social enterprises as it gathers social impact-driven businesses alongside experienced mentors and experts. 

ASLISE seeks to empower both emerging and established social enterprises so that they can continue to bring substantial socio-economic impacts on the society through their best practices and innovative means, and we will do so by facilitating cross-sectorial collaboration and promotes knowledge sharing and exchange in the local, regional and global social enterprise scenes. 



In ASLI, we are committed towards ensuring that Malaysia is on track to fulfill the 5th UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – achieving gender equality and empowering women.  In doing so, W2W (Women to Women) is designed to serve as a catalyst for women empowerment by bringing together women from diverse backgrounds.  W2W will provide a strategic platform for these aspiring and inspiring women to network, exchange ideas and ultimately empower one another. 

ASLI is in full support for any effort, act or policy formed on the basis of gender equality as we believe that empowering women and advancing gender equality agenda are key action points towards creating a more sustainable and more inclusive society. 


Kiew Boon Siew
Heart Treasures Sdn Bhd
Anja Juliah Abu Bakar
Blubear Holdings
Siti Rahayu Baharin
Buku Jalanan Chow Kit
Muhaini Mahmud
Usha Gopalan
Scala Marketing
Advina Julkifle
Crops For the Future










Rising Leaders

As part of our commitment towards nation-building, we forged NextGen in order to inspire a journey of self-discovery among the children and youths; allowing them to achieve their true potentials as the future nation-builders. NextGen will provide creative and interactive programmes and workshops to develop confidence, emotional intelligence, leadership, character and social skills among the younger generation in our efforts to shape and hone them into tomorrow’s leaders. We  strive to nurture and train our young and aspiring leaders via NextGen by imbuing them with core values, equipping them with relevant skills as well as cultivating within them teamwork and community spirit, in turn producing a more confident and multi-skilled future generation.

Passing It On

We envisioned WiseGen as a platform of continuous learning, social connections and knowledge-sharing that is geared towards enhancing the autonomy and improving the quality of life for our elderly generation who, by the year 2020 will constitute a large portion of the Malaysian society. This is an affirmation of our commitment towards the 3rd goal of the UN SDG – Ensuring Healthy Lives and Promote Well-Being for All at All Ages. 

WiseGen’s programmes and awareness campaigns seek to defy the stereotypes and challenge the existing narratives of ageing. Simultaneously, WiseGen will also use the opportunity to tap into the decades of harnessed skills and experiences of the elderly generation by offering them a platform to share and pass the knowledge down to the future generations.