`Til Eleven Morning Insights

In our rush to boardrooms and offices every day, we forget to take a step back and reflect on the issues that plague our organisations, our country and our surroundings. We no longer find the time to consider how an issue as seemingly distant as corruption in the public sector can affect staff motivation in the private sector, or to understand how a speculator at a trading floor in another country can cause the price of tomatoes to rise in our neighbourhood. We are no longer able to connect events as leaders. We lose track of the importance of basic values taught to us in our schools and enshrined in our Rukun Negara, and how important they are in managing our businesses, boardrooms, staff and our institutions.

ASLI is pleased to invite all C-Suite Leaders in the public and private sectors to join us in our morning sessions titled 'Til Eleven – Morning Insights to discuss critical topics in the field of business, economics, socio-politics, sustainable development, journalism, civil society as well as arts and culture. These are pertinent issues affecting our national competitiveness.