Core Focus

ASLI Distinctive Uniqueness 

ASLI’s distinctive uniqueness includes its valuable insights,high level interactions and connections, thought leadership and in-depth research studies. ASLIs’ programmes have been participated by Heads of States, Prime Ministers, Senior Cabinet Ministers, Captains of Industry, prominent strategic thinkers, Corporate CEOs, Ambassadors and emerging young leaders.



Enhancing National Competitiveness

ASLI focuses on enhancing National Competitiveness. ASLI has held Roundtables on how to enhance National Competitiveness. ASLI's Industry Summits and Forums also look at how different Key Sectors can be more competitive. 



Promoting Human Rights

ASLI also advocates better human rights and organises various programmes to promote Human Rights. ASLI Director Tan Sri Dr. Ramon Navaratnam  has served as a Commissioner in Malaysia's National Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM) and is a co-Founder of the Association for Promotion of Human Rights (PROHAM).



Strengthening Regional Cooperation

ASLI believes in strengthening Regional Cooperation and Economic Integration. Towards this end, ASEAN has created and established the Annual Series of ASEAN Leadership Forums now in its 13th edition. The ASEAN Leadership Forum seriesbring together Heads of Governments, Ministers, Business and Civil Society Leaders to discuss the critical issues and challenges facing ASEAN. 



Developing Human Capital and Leadership

ASLI believes in the crucial importance of Human Capital and Leadership. Towards this end, ASLI has organised the annual series of Malaysian Education Summits and the Human Resource Summits. ASLI also organised the ASEAN Education Forum and the World Leadership Conference. Reports from these programmes are submitted to relevant Ministries and Agencies.




Fighting Corruption, Strengthening Integrity

ASLI is committed to fighting corruption and strengthening business and public ethics and integrity in management. ASLI has organised the World Ethics and Integrity Forum and the 1st ever Anti-Corruption Summit. ASLI's CEO was appointed by the Prime Minister to be a Member of Malaysia's Anti-Corruption Commission Advisory Board. ASLI's Director Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam served as the Chairman of MACC's Corruption Prevention Panel and was former President of Transparency International, Malaysia.