About ASLI

Asian Strategy and Leadership Incorporated or in short “ASLI” is Malaysia’s leading independent, non-partisan and not-for-profit think-tank. Founded in 1993, ASLI is the definitive voice of strategy and leadership in the country, having through the years, provided strategic and trusted insights to governments, businesses and diplomatic communities.
ASLI is owned and governed by the not-for-profit Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, which is Malaysia’s largest education-focused social enterprise. This underscores the Foundation's remit in providing "thought leadership" as a key component in its mission of nation-building and creating a prosperous and progressive Malaysia. This enhances ASLI’s independence, allowing us to maintain a nuanced impartiality and intellectual integrity. We are a not-for-profit organisation, freeing us from tyranny of the bottom line while ensuring our sustainability. One avenue through which we carry out our mission is to serve as a connector linking key stakeholders in the nation. This role is particularly relevant given the socio-economic challenges facing our country. And there is a crucial need for ASLI as the credible platform where all voices can be heard and robust debate can be conducted in a civil manner.

Our goal is to create thought-provoking and intellectual dialogues among government, businesses and civil society in Malaysia in an effort to influence and bring change in public policies for the betterment of society. In the wider Asia Pacific region, we capitalise on our influential network to harness best practices and connect business opportunities. By convening industry thought leaders to exchange views, develop policy options and offer key recommendations, we provide strategic analysis and advice on critical issues impacting the nation and beyond. By leveraging the strong network, we connect strategic partners across APAC on highest-value business investment and trade opportunities to foster bilateral relations and economic growth. Our efforts enable our programmes to continually attract and garner participation by Heads of States, Prime Ministers, Senior Cabinet Ministers, Captains of Industry, prominent strategic thinkers, corporate CEOs, Ambassadors, academia and emerging young leaders.

ASLI is dedicated to creating a better society.