SEILS #4 | Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Qatar & You

We were privileged to co-host Dr. Jack Lau, President of Qatar Science & Technology Park and a seasoned entrepreneur, for the fourth edition of the Sunway Education Inclusive Leadership Series (SEILS). Moderated by Professor Dato’ Elizabeth Lee, Group CEO of Sunway Education and director, ASLI Board of Directors, the event provided deep insights into the intersection of technology and leadership.

Dr. Jack Lau shared his expansive journey from Hong Kong to Qatar, and highlighted the cultural and professional shifts that shaped his career in technology and academia. His work spans multiple sectors including AI, healthcare, and agriculture, in which he has shown a commitment to innovation for sustainable development.

During SEILS, Dr. Jack Lau discussed the evolving role of Qatar Science & Technology Park in spearheading advancements in critical sectors affected by global trends like the COVID-19 pandemic and sustainability demands. He also offered his perspective on Malaysia's potential as a digital hub, and emphasised that strategic steps are necessary to enhance its global competitiveness.

The conversation also explored the synergy between technology and entrepreneurship, with Dr. Lau advising on harnessing this relationship for impactful innovation. As artificial intelligence continues to redefine industries, he stressed the importance of ethical considerations and responsible leadership among future AI innovators.
Thank you to all who joined us for this enlightening session. Your engaging questions during the Q&A helped deepen the dialogue about leadership and technology's potential to drive positive change.

🌐 Empowering Leaders, Advancing Societies.