ASLI 3-5 Afternoon Insights - Paving The Way to The Future of Sustainable Infrastructure

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | Khazanah ASLI - ASLI organised its inaugural 3-5 Afternoon Insights on sustainable infrastructure at Khazanah ASLI. Today’s session was themed, “PAVING THE WAY TO THE FUTURE OF SUSTAINABLE INFRATRUCTURE: How ESG Impact Measurement and Blockchain Can Shape the Asset Class”. The moderated panel discussion saw a dynamic and fruitful discussion between our esteemed guest speakers from IISD, Oshani Perera, Director, Public Procurement and Infrastructure Finance, and David Uzsoki, Senior Advisor, Sustainable Finance and Infrastructure, of the IISD. The session was moderated by Professor Yeah Kim Leng, Senior Fellow and Director of the Economics Studies Programme at the Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia.

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