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Malaysian Strategic Financial Outlook Summit

Governing In Times of Heightened Public Scrutiny and Accountability Demands


Right wing. Left wing. Front and Centre. Brexit. Populism, Nationalists. Trade wars. Disruption. VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). Tech Crimes. Bitcoins. Crypto Currency.

Are these terms, lexicons or the new public order of our worlds collectively? Are they just lexicons for political manifestos and business school syllabus or are governments facing heightened public scrutiny and accountability?

As we see mature and developed governments breaking down, their people rising for the basics of life, the question arises - Are governments today leading or being directed by the public sentiments? Are the public defining how our policies are written and finances managed? Who is driving a country, who is driving governments and who is driving private sector purposes? Communications and technology have radically changed the way policies are developed. The will of the people sways outlook and promises to realities.  The call for accountability of public leaders and boards is today the roll call in Malaysia. And so, we ask, what are the factors that government considers when developing an outlook. In short how do we monetise outlooks in our budgets?

ASLI brings to you a SUMMIT that will present some of these realities of the times in Malaysia and seeks to ascertain what drives our financial outlook?  We wish to hear from policy makers, thought leaders, media, private sector leaders, youth, regulators, market makers and civil societies on how do Governments Govern in Times of Heightened Public Scrutiny with a Focus on Financial Outlook for Malaysia.

What models of governance is the Government instituting in public and private sectors to ensure we no longer suffer from national scandals that has been a hallmark for Malaysia of late? What should the roles of senior management and boards look like going forward? What is the role of parliament, MPs and Standing committees in ensuring stronger governance in our markets, board rooms, companies and institutions? How do these feed into the modelling of financial outlook for Malaysia?

ASLI will collate, analyse and present these discussions to all stakeholders with a proposed action plan, post the Summit.

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  • Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa Persiaran Lagoon Bandar Sunway Bandar Sunway 47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia

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