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ASEAN Fintech Summit 2019

The Age of Acceleration


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The development of Financial Technology (FINTECH) have simply accelerated the rate of change to Malaysia and ASEAN economic paradigm, where the rate of multiple changes are now experiencing multiplying at a break neck speed. We basically have arrived at theAge of Acceleration.

The Age of Acceleration comprises of three exponential growth and change trends: (1) technology advancement (Moore’s Law); (2) the market (interdependent global market), and (3) the environment (corporate culture, regulations, biodiversity loss, population growth).

  • TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENT is measured by the march based on the Moore’s Law, where computing power is at a low enough cost that now anything mentally routine or predictable – perhaps half of all works – can be replaced by technology.
  • THE MARKET has moved from just being connected, to hyper connected, to interdependent – forcing failures and success to be absorbed by all.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL change drives different understanding about the way modern enterprises do business – primarily influenced by their respective corporate culture, and the regulatory changes. These key elements drive enterprises to relocate from their homebased to seek opportunities and advantages elsewhere.

The ASF19 will present multi-dimension and in-depth discussions about the Age of Acceleration – from Talent, Funding, Digital implementation, Branding and Environment perspectives. Specialist, strategist, experts, practitioners – ranging from corporations, industry associations, individual experts, policy makers, forward-looking academicians and regulators – will be sharing their unique facts, thoughts and outlook about the shape of the economy and financial industry, in Malaysia, ASEAN and globally.

Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) is delighted to be in collaboration with the Fintech Association of Malaysia (FAOM) in organising the ASEAN Fintech Summit. The ASEAN Fintech Summit brings together influential, disruptive and innovative technology stakeholders that redefine financial services across all Fintech sectors: lending, payments, Big Data, cryptocurrency, blockchain, InsureTech, and we will also cover bank-fintech collaboration, the Bank's corporate VCs and much more.

This summit will include keynote meetings, key stakeholders, government agency regulatory panels, financial institutions and start-ups. This summit will be attended by industry experts, entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, supporters of ecosystems, bankers and regulators who will share their experiences and insights in developing of the fintech ecosystem.

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  • Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Petaling Jaya 47500 Selangor Malaysia

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