ASLI Business Roundtable (ABR)

Everyone has a duty to build the prosperity of a nation. Not just the Government. Ask not what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country. 
ASLI's Business Roundtable is exclusively represented by chief executive officers of Malaysia's leading PLCs, Government Linked Companies, SMEs and Entrepreneurs.
These CEO members are significant employers and builders of the country's economy in a myriad of sectors and industries across states.
The key focus of ASLI's Business Roundtable is to develop proposals to:
  1. Promote the ease of doing business in Malaysia
  2. Enhance the competitiveness of Malaysia
  3. Develop means of creating quality jobs with good wages. 
  4. Spurring and inculcating a culture of innovation 
  5. Work with law makers to strengthen policies relating to private sector
  6. Institute strong corporate governance codes and practices in the private sector- both listed and non-listed companies; and
  7. Develop strong boards in private sector

To find our more about ASLI Business Roundtable, please connect with:

Mr. Praba Koran
Senior Director,
International Trade & Business Advisory