Corporate Malaysia Roundtable (CMR)

The vision of the Corporate Malaysia Roundtable is to be THE PREMIER VOICE OF CORPORATE MALAYSIA – to provide a bridge between leaders in government and business. CMR aspires to be the premier peer group for corporate leaders and CEOs in Malaysia, committed to the development of Corporate Malaysia and the sustainable growth of the nation. 

As a membership organization for Corporate Leaders of Malaysia, CMR aims to promote ethical corporate leadership and good corporate citizenship to contribute to Malaysia's continued economic growth and prosperity. 

Membership is by invitation and is open to all corporate leaders of Malaysia (both Malaysian and foreign CEO's/senior managers serving in Malaysia). The Roundtable is inclusive and not restrictive. 

There shall be a membership subscription fee of RM1,500 per annum and a one-time entrance fee of RM2,000. The fees collected will be 
utilized to fund secretariat support, meeting programmes, research programmes and other activities of the Roundtable. 

The Roundtable will carry out various programmes and activities that will benefit its 
 and which will be befitting its status and prestige. The programmes will be determined by the Roundtable's Management Board and will ultimately contribute to the nation's development and growth. Among the proposed programmes are:-

  • Annual dialogues with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.
  • Luncheon forums with appropriate Ministers and senior government officials.
  • Annual members-only conferences providing useful and timely insights, ideas and information.
  • Research into critical issues impacting on business.
  • Formulation of submissions and memorandums to the government on business problems and industry challenges.
  • Updates on business, economic, political, management trends.
  • Briefings by thought leaders.
  • Learning missions and information exchanges/interaction with similar bodies in Europe, America, other parts of Asia.
  • 20% discount for attending any conferences organized by ASLI.