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02 May 2017

The Marketplace Series: Building Cities, Enriching Communities - KEYNOTE

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24 January 2017

The 19th Strategic Outlook Conference 2017 - OPENING KEYNOTE

This conference is indeed an important plaform for us to look at the performance in 2016 and to assess the key trends, strategic challenges and critical issues that needs to be addressed in 2017.



24 January 2017

The 19th Strategic Outlook Conference - CLOSING REMARKS

I commend ASLI's initiative in creating a platform to take stock of current developments and trends that will have an impact on the business environment and investment climate. I therefore, am delighted that ASLI invited me to share my thoughts and views on....



08 September 2016

The 19th Housing & Property Summit - OPENING KEYNOTE

Under the People’s Housing Project (PPR), the Ministry has constructed 22,300 apartment units and 9,800 terrace houses for poor households in urban areas. However, we feel that this initiative could be more efficient and effective through the involvement of private developers



23 May 2016

Governor's Keynote Address at the ASLI 20th Malaysian Banking Summit

The financial crisis may have struck almost a decade ago, but has left in its wake a profoundly transformed landscape. With global economic growth remaining slow and uneven, it is increasingly clear that this is no mere downturn in the business cycle, but a realignment of the world economic order.



25 May 2016

Introductory Speech by Tan Sri Azman Hashim Chairman, Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB)

Following the global financial crisis, financial institutions are facing increased regulation, greater uncertainty in the operating environment and, above all, a severely damaged reputation in many parts of the developed world.



14 January 2016

Special Commemorative Seminar on TUN ABDUL RAZAK - Introductory Remarks, Tan Sri Michael Yeoh

We can also rightfully call Tun Razak the Father of ASEAN as he was one of the 5 ASEAN statesman who signed the declaration to establish ASEAN, and with the formulation of the Rukunegara Tun Razak can rightfully be described as the Father of Unity.



14 January 2016

Special Commemorative Seminar on TUN ABDUL RAZAK - Welcome Remarks, Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah

Today’s Special Commemorative Seminar on Tun Abdul Razak is held exactly on the 40th anniversary of his demise as we attempt to seek answers to pertinent questions on political and socio-economic challenges facing the nation now through Tun Abdul Razak’s leadership and work ethics as well as his models of development and nation building.



14 January 2016

Special Commemorative Seminar on TUN ABDUL RAZAK - Opening Address, YB Dato' Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein

Today as we commemorate the 40th anniversary of his passing, I would like to share with you all some thoughts of mine on what Tun Razak’s life and legacy can teach us all.



14 January 2016

Special Commemorative Seminar on TUN ABDUL RAZAK - Keynote Remarks, YAB Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak

This seminar is particularly meaningful to me, as this day marks the 40th anniversary of my father’s passing. I am delighted to be able to share this moment with you – my dearest family members, relatives, colleagues and friends, and all of you who have taken time from your busy schedules to join us out of respect for my father.



11 November 2015

WCES 2015 : Keynote Address By Minister Of Transport Malaysia The Honorable Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai

As China breaks new ground with the Belt and Road initiative that promises economic integration and regional cooperation, we come closer to achieving truly inclusive growth not just for Asia but for the rest of the world.



11 November 2015

WCES 2015 : Keynote Address By Minister InThe Prime Minister’s Department Of Malaysia, YAB Dato’ Mah Siew Keong

Diasporas can play an imperative role in the economic development of their countries of origin or ancestry. Traditionally, we have portrayed Chinese Diasporas as sources of remittances and financial flows. However, the reality is that the beneficial aspects extend far beyond this.



11 November 2015

WCES 2015 : Keynote Address By YAB Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi Deputy Prime Minister Of Malaysia

Malaysia recognises the important role of China connections to the development of our nation. The contributions of these Chinese communities to Malaysia’s economic development are an important aspect of our progress and prosperity.



10 November 2015

WCES 2015 : Royal Address By His Royal Highness Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah, Sultan Of The State Of Perak, Malaysia

Human development over the millennia can sometimes be viewed through the prism of a series of grand designs that occurred over time. At different periods they included the emergence of ancient civilisations along mighty rivers; the birth of religions that come to hold sway over millions;



10 November 2015

WCES 2015 : Welcome remarks by Tan Sri Michael Yeoh

The belt and road initiative will have a major impact on the world Econ as it further strengthen relations between china and Southeast Asia to India, Middle East and Africa and from china to Europe- a vast geographical area.



17 June 2015

19th Malaysian Banking Summit - Opening Keynote by Minister of Finance II

If ASEAN were one economy, we would be the seventh largest economy in the world with US$2.4 trillion GDP in 2013. By 2018 we would surpass mature economies such as the United States, European Union and Japan. By 2050, we would be the fourth largest economy in the world.



11 June 2015

BFA Energy, Resources & Sustainable Devp Conference - Keynote Speech by HE Tun Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad Badawi

Asia today faces the difficult task of developing our economies and addressing various issues that range from urbanization to public health, climate change and environmental protection. To put it simply, the need to holistically develop has never been more pressing.



11 June 2015

BFA Energy, Resources & Sustainable Devp Conference - Closing Remarks by Dato' Lee Chee Leong

The economic potential of this maritime and terrestrial initiative is immense. It covers 65 countries with a combined population of 4.4 billion people, which is more than half the population on the planet.



11 June 2015

BFA Energy, Resources & Sustainable Devp Conference - Closing Remarks by HE Zhou Wenzhong

The conference highlights the need for Asia, as "the Factory for the World", to take a lead in forging an energy/resources partnership among suppliers and consumers.



11 June 2015

BFA Energy, Resources & Sustainable Devp Conference - Welcome Remarks by Tan Sri Michael Yeoh

Ever since President Xi Jinping has spoken about the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and the Silk Road Economic Belt, now more popularly known as the One Belt, One Road initiative there has been a great deal of interest in this initiative.