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Healthcare Forum 2018

Sustaining Tomorrow’s Healthcare, Empowering Today’s Consumers

We are facing double-digit healthcare inflation due to our growing ageing population, more costly advancements in medical technology, poorer lifestyle choices that lead to increasing chronic diseases, as well as better educated and consequently more demanding consumers.

The government has increased its allocation for healthcare to RM26.58billion, which amounts to approximately 9.5% of total budget in 2018 or 4.75% of the nation’s GDP. This move has been lauded by the Ministry of Health as a boon towards health transformation initiatives. However, continually increasing healthcare spending is not sustainable in the long run as a large proportion of our population depend on the public healthcare system. 

How then can Malaysia sustain and further improve on universal health coverage to ensure all Malaysians are able to receive quality healthcare without undue financial hardships? What about balancing between domestic healthcare needs and expanding medical tourism, which is a major revenue earner for our country? In addition, we need to factor in the ever-increasing cost of technological advancements and innovation as well as consider how best to empower consumers to be more involved and take greater charge of their own health.

ASLI’s Healthcare Forum 2018 will serve as a major discussion platform to address these questions and considerations. Key output or takeaways from the forum will be compiled for policy makers’ and other stakeholders’ consideration in determining the future direction of healthcare policy and delivery. 


Who Should Attend?
  • Healthcare Professionals and Associations
  • Hospitals and other Healthcare Institutions and Organisations
  • Insurers, Bankers, Investors or other Financiers for Healthcare
  • Consultants, Analysts, Legal Advisers
  • Government Bodies
  • Pharmaceuticals and Neutraceuticals Manufacturers 
  • Medical Devices Manufacturers
  • Aged Care Facility Owners, Managers and Care Givers
  • Travel Agencies, Hotels and other Organisations catering to Medical Tourism
  • Employers across industries
  • Research and Development Institutions
  • Academia
  • General Public interested in healthcare matters
Why Attend?
  • Participate in robust discussions about empowering consumers to be more involved and take greater charge of their own health as one of the most viable option to ensure long-term sustainability of our healthcare system
  • Gain insights concerning the core issues in sustaining and improving universal health coverage in order to provide quality healthcare without undue financial burden
  • Get updates on technological advancements and review the challenges and opportunities in healthcare’s digital transformation to better empower consumers and balance advancements against costs
  • Join deliberations on promoting healthy ageing to help our elderly population continue to contribute to society while living a full life
  • Engage with stakeholders on promoting public and private cooperation in health tourism to drive greater growth and revenue 
  • Benefit from the experience and expertise of highly knowledgeable and experienced role-players to gain fresh insights and perspectives on the key concerns and questions highlighted
  • Opportunity to broaden your network and form synergistic partnerships with like-minded professionals and organisations


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Event Location
  • Intercontinental Hotel, 165, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur 50450 Wilayah Persekutuan Malaysia

Registration Terms & Conditions
Cheque should be crossed and made payable to Asian Strategy & Leadership Incorporated Sdn. Bhd.
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Mohd. Radhi
General Line: +60 (3) 2093 5393 ext 223

Nurul Rashidah Rashid
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