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22nd Malaysian Education Summit 2018

Creating the Right Environment to Enable Quality Education

The past year has been a positive one for Malaysian education. Several universities climbed in their rankings and Budget 2018 is up once again after 3-years. Thus far, it has been an encouraging start in 2018 with the following through of the Dual Language Programme (DLP) and positive policies for inclusive education in public schools. Though progressive changes are taking place in the Malaysian education scene, much more still needs to be done. There is a constant need to relook at how the entire Malaysia education ecosystem and culture is perceived and carried out by all its stakeholders - if it is on the right track. 

Warnings of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is not one aimed at the blue-collared, but towards the knowledge-based white-collared workers which could be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big-data analytics. It is time to re-examine if Malaysian education reacting adequately to these warnings. Much emphasis has been given to science, technology, engineering, and mathematic (STEM), but it is questionable if other crucial skill sets are given equal emphasis and whether or not Malaysia is truly prepared in terms of skills and human capital development. 

Ultimately, the fundamentals of education remain the same-to prepare one for life, be it according to individual interest or toe enable oneself to contribute back to society through work.

ASLI’s annual Malaysian Education Summit is an opportune platform for all enablers of quality education -  educators, experts, policy makers, investors, civil society, and other stakeholders from both the public and private sector to discuss pressing issues.

The Summit will discuss key issues and challenges in Malaysian education, provide experts a platform to share the latest education techniques, review issues in education policy, environmental factors, as well as allowing its participants to get answers, learn, and to highlight issues, as well as to network with parties of interest wanting to improve Malaysian education.

Who Should Attend and Key Objectives

It in this context that this annual summit will gather policy makers and practitioners from the government agencies, both public and private schools, colleges, universities, NGOs, think-tank, private sectors, and media to discuss how best to address key challenges resulting from the changing global and national environment, as well as to realise Malaysia’s ambition to become a knowledge-based economy. 


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  • Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa Persiaran Lagoon Bandar Sunway Petaling Jaya 46150 Selangor Malaysia

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