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Special Commemorative Seminar On Tun Abdul Razak

Prime Minister Of Malaysia, 1970 – 1976


Malaysia’s 2nd Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak passed away on 14th January 1976 in London. Tun Razak was aptly hailed as the Father of Development in Malaysia. He pioneered the Red Book initiative and the Operations Rooms methodology to implement and track rural development in Malaysia. He also chaired the Razak Committee on Education which came up with the Razak Report – the _rst Education Blueprint for the nation. After the May 13, 1969 racial riots, Tun Razak was appointed Director of Operations in the National Operations Council (NOC). During the NOC rule, the National Consultative Council was established, the Rukunegara adopted and the New Economic Policy was launched to eradicate poverty irrespective of race and to restructure society to reduce the identi_cation of race with economic function or geographical location. Tun Razak also forged a new National Consensus by bringing together Opposition Parties like Gerakan, PPP and SUPP to form the Barisan Nasional with the transformation of the Alliance Government into the BN Government.


Tun Razak also lifted the State of Emergency and restored parliamentary democracy with the BN sweeping to a decisive victory in the 1974 General Elections. However, Tun Razak died prematurely barely two years later. Before his untimely death, he also altered the course of Malaysian Foreign Policy by his historic visit to and recognition of China.


Today, Contemporary Malaysia is facing serious challenges politically, economically and socially. Where do we go from here? What lessons can we learn from the leadership, work ethics and development model of Tun Razak? What can the younger generation learn from the Razak model of consensus nation building and economic development? This Special Commemorative Seminar to mark the 40th Anniversary of the death of Tun Razak attempts to ask and seek answers to these pertinent questions facing the nation today. Speakers at the seminar have personal knowledge of Tun Razak and have worked with him in one way or another.

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