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3rd World Muslim Leadership Forum 2016

Governance And Leadership In The Muslim World: The Way Forward For Peace, Security And Prosperity


Since the formation of the Islamic Calendar, the movement of the Muslim people in the form of Hijra, has been a pertinent part of the faith. As the Prophet (SAW) fled persecution from Makkah to Medina, Muslims today face similar issues of Islamophobia, radicalisation, terrorism and war. These issues have meant that every day, many Muslims hope to leave behind the state of injustice and oppression, to move from the fear of their land to hope and reliance upon Allah (SWT). This movement has meant a loss of the collective vision for a united Ummah. In understanding this the World Muslim Leadership Forum (WMLF) observes the need to consolidate leadership amongst the Muslim community in order to affect change within all aspects of life. Nevertheless, the conference also ascertains that Islamic values hold a unique perspective on the governance of the global community, and argues that in understanding Islam’s spheres of influence within economics, sustainable development, global values and international institutions, Islamic perspectives can offer innovative solutions to current global crises.


October 2016 will mark the biennial conference hosted by the World Muslim Leadership Forum (WMLF) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference will aim to address the impact Islamic values, beliefs and teachings have on global models. In understanding this impact, the WMLF highlights the influential position Islam holds towards a range of spheres such as; finance, jurisprudence, development and knowledge. The WMLF understands the need for Muslims to be the forerunners in these spheres, in order to be agents of change within the globalised world. The conference shall therefore bring leaders, contemporary scholars and experts from various fields together to illustrate the significant and unique contributions Islam can, and does make, to global issues.



  • Board of Directors
  • C-Level Executives and Business Owners
  • Mid to Senior Level Managers
  • Government Officials
  • Non-Governmental Organisations and Non-Profit Organisations
  • Scholars
  • UN bodies
  • Interfaith community



  • Get a holistic understanding on ways in which Islamic beliefs, values and structures can offer sustainable solutions to the current global crises.
  • Learn how to construct an integrated, mobilised Muslim leadership network that will work together towards enhancing their positive spheres of influence.
  • Engage in a platform in which global Muslim leaders can collaborate and discuss ideas, and solutions towards a more peaceful future.
  • Capitalise on the collective knowledge of thought from leaders in various fields towards finding solutions to the current global crises.

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  • Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa Petaling Jaya 41650 Selangor Malaysia

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