Special Project

Investment Promotion Consultant to Invest Hong Kong

Invest Hong Kong is a project initiated by the Government Department of Hong Kong. The Asian Strategy & Leadership Institue has been representing Invest Hong Kong in ASEAN by conducting investment promotion activities since 2011. ASLI has been carrying out Invest Hong Kong's work in the ASEAN region to support ASEAN businessed to set up or expand in Hong Kong.

Invest Hong Kong is the department of the Hong Kong SAR Government responsible for Foreign Direct Investment, supporting overseas businesses to set up and expand in Hong Kong. The department provides free advice and customised services to help businesses succeed in the city's vibrant economy. Founded on 1 July 2000, its mission is to confirm and strengthen Hong Kong as Asia's leading international business centre and to attract economically and strategically important investment. Its role is to act as an investment advisory body.

For further information on this programme, please contact:

Tan Sri Dato' Dr. Michael Yeoh
Principal Consultant
Tel: +60-3-2093 5728, or +60-3-2093 5393, ext. 228
Fax: +60-3-2093 3078 


Ms Melissa Ong
Senior Consultant
Tel: +60-3-2093-5393 or +60 12 3069289
Fax: +60-3-2093 3078


Mr Prabhu Menon
Tel: +60-3-2093-5393 or +60 16 3879832
Fax: +60-3-2093 3078