Urban Transportation Forum 2014


The Urban Transportation Forum is the leading national event that aims to promote discussions and dialogues on effectiveness of Malaysia’s urban public transport system. This Summit will update the participants on the progress achieved in MRT construction as well as other projects to improve urban public transport. This event will also evaluate the opportunities for the private sector in the urban public transport sector and promote dialogue between government and private sector. In 2013, Urban Public Transport NKRA has shown an increase of customer satisfaction level as well as increased usage of KTM, creation of additional parking bays for private vehicle which has doubled by size in rail. All these improvements clearly show the intended KPI’s are being met.


However, the public is still facing delays in movement, vehicular accidents has yet to show any form of decrease and the traffic jam continues to worsen.


This Forum will examine the key issues of urban transportation in Malaysia and the roles of many key stakeholders in the urban transportation system of Malaysia. This forum will evaluate the multimodal transportation network that is to work as one single nucleus. Case studies of the best practises will also be shown. This forum will provide participants with up-to-date information of the projects and the Urban Public Transportation plans and how these will benefit the business community.