Urban Public Transportation Summit 2016


For a long time public transport has been a bane for many Malaysian urbanites. The lack of efficient bus and taxi services has contributed to growing traffic congestion. However, since the government has made a major commitment to enhancing and upgrading urban transport as one of the key components in the Goverment Transformation Programme (GTP), there have been vast improvements. The government has rolled out an ambitious and game changing public transport plan with new investments in the LRT, the completion of the first phase of the MRT, the planned expansion of MRT into second and third lines, and the recent MOU signed between the Malaysian and Singaporian governments to develop the High Speed Rail Link (HSR). The new urban transportation programmes and initiatives have helped to make public transportation more popular, efficient and cost effective. Urban transport is one of the success story of Malaysia’s tranformational journey.


The upgrading of the urban transport will have its spillover effect. Its multipliers include the ancilliary industries as well as boosting real estate and property prices whilst improving the urban quality life.


ASLI’s Urban Public Transportation Summit 2016 will update you on new trends, assessment of strategies, challenges and key issues, as well as indentifying related business and investment opportunities. You will have your questions answered if you want to learn and understand further on the urban public transportation industry of Malaysia.




Presidents, Chairman, CEO, COO, CFO, Managing Directors, Directors and Heads of

  • City / Town Planning
  • Transport Planning
  • Traffic Management
  • Transport Modelling
  • Congestion and Toll Charging
  • Highways and Roads
  • Access and Infrastructure
  • Policy
  • Road Pricing
  • Traffic Commissioners
  • Transport Security
  • Rail / Road Safety
  • Fleet
  • Emergency Planning


From the following target sectors:

  • Department / Ministry of Transportation
  • Central Government
  • Public Transportation Operators
  • Highway Operators
  • Local Transport Groups
  • Town Councils
  • Private Sectors
  • Local Authorities
  • Passenger Transport Executives
  • Non-Departmental Public Bodies
  • Non Governmental Organisations
  • Transport Accident Investigation Agencies
  • Transport Unions



  • Ensuring that the changing mobility demand needs of the public are met accordingly
  • Analysing the current strategies to create a multimodal integrated transit system
  • Leveraging public transportation efficiency and accessibility to alleviate traffic
  • Strengthening public user’s confidence with economic and environmentally friendly transport
  • Capturing emerging technologies in perspective: Positive outlook + Positive Impact