Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Human Capital Summit 2014

Unleashing the Human Potential to Create Sustainable High Performance
5 November 2014 | Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Selangor 


Human capital is a critical factor that determines the success of organisations in today’s globally integrated and competitive business environment. The biggest companies or high performing organisations in the world today are recognised by their talent and the attitude of their people. These organisations clearly understood the value that each employee brings to his/her job, according to his/her training, knowledge, capabilities and skills. These organisations have also implemented strategic talent management processes that align talent management to their business strategic plan to create greater employee engagement. When that happens, employees are more committed to their organisations and tend to produce higher levels of job performance.


Human capital is given premium value in our knowledge-based economy today because it constantly generates new ideas for innovative products and services. Gone are the days where systems, controls, or machinery and equipment within the organisations are key production factors. As much as technology and data systems may evolve, nothing substitutes the value provided by human capital. However, the lack of quality human capital has led to the war of talent not only in the corporate world but also amongst

countries worldwide. Human capital provides that important link between innovation and economic development. Against this backdrop, the Malaysian government has tasked several government agencies including PEMANDU and Khazanah to implement programmes to improve the quality of human capital in our country. Malaysia needs quality human capital which is well trained and creative to help grow the economy and thus propel our country into the high-income nation league.


This Summit will address the human capital issue from the macro and micro perspectives. At the macro level, the Summit will reexamine the effectiveness of certain policies taken by Malaysian government to address this key issue including the newly revamped vocational studies. At the micro level, the Summit will look at the processes, values and new ideas implemented by organisations to further enhance the quality of their human capital. Therefore, this Summit aims to bring together stakeholders such as government, private sectors, human resource professionals and non-governmental organisations to exchange their views on this important topic.


This Summit is named the Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Human Capital Summit in honour of the former Prime Minister who was also the Minister of Education. Tun Abdullah is passionate about human capital development and has kindly agreed to officiate this forum and to deliver the keynote address.