The National Conference on CSR and Social Business

Date : 12 JULY 2012
Time : 8.30am
Venue : Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian companies have practiced Corporate Social Responsibility for a long time. CSR practices take many forms – from contributions to charity, to providing educational scholarships, to providing medical aid. Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission have also promoted Corporate Social Responsibility. Khazanah Nasional has come up with specific guidelines and programmes for GLC's to implement CSR programmes. Increasingly, CSR is being linked to sustainability and sustainable development including adopting Green business practices and protecting the environment.

Of late, there has been growing interest in Social Enterprises and the link between CSR and Social Business has been growing. Social Business or Social Enterprises can be increasingly regarded as a form of CSR for companies to support. Social Business is the wave of the future to address the needs of the bottom 40% of society and to help narrow the development gap. How can companies CSR programmes be aligned to support Social Enterprises or Social Business?

This National Conference on CSR and Social Business will:-

  • provide sharing of best practices and ideas on CSR, sustainability and social enterprises;
  • facilitate interchange of experiences and knowledge;
  • promote discussions on how CSR can be more effective;
  • illustrate how social business or social enterprises can be viable programmes for companies to support as part of CSR initiatives.

The Conference will bring together leading experts and practitioners of CSR and Social Enterprises as well as Corporate Managers, Entrepreneurs, NGO's and Researchers in a meeting of minds to discuss and review the CSR Agenda.

This is a must-attend Conference for all interested in enhancing their CSR programmes and initiatives as well as those interested in developing or promoting Social Enterprises.