The 5th World Chinese Economic Forum

THE WORLD CHINESE ECONOMIC FORUM is THE PREMIER WORLD BUSINESS EVENT bringing together government, business and thought leaders on an annual basis to discuss the rise of China and China’s economic linkages with her neighbours in Southeast Asia, India, Australia and the Middle East. It also seeks to promote the new Silk Road or a new Economic Corridor linking China through Southeast Asia, Australia and India to the Middle East. The World Chinese Economic Forum not only connects China with the region but also with the Global Chinese Disapora found thoughout the continents of the world.


The World Chinese Economic Forum is an idea whose time has come as China emerges to be the world’s 2nd largest economic power and the global influence of China grows as an economic powerhouse driving the sustained and robust growth of East Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia.


HSBC Bank has recently forecasted that by 2050, 10 of the world’s largest economies will be from this region—China, India, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and Pakistan. Hence, there exist tremendous opportunities for regional cooperation and business collaboration within the New Silk Road.


While much public debate and commentary focuses exclusively on the commercial opportunities offered by the growth of China and Asia, the sustainability, future global governance and policy challenges and opportunities created by Asia’s success is equally important.


The 5th World Chinese Economic Forum in Malaysia, is to be attended by at least 500 participants from over 25 countries and will bring together Government Ministers and Policy-Makers, Captains of Industry, leading Entrepreneurs, Scholars and Researchers and Thought Leaders to discuss and debate strategic issues of importance that will shape the future of relations with China and Asia, as well as to provide better, more in-depth understanding of the rise of the Chinese Dragon and its implications on the global and regional economy.


Over the two days Conference, you will be able to make essential foreign and local connections at the highest levels, ensuring business success for the future. 

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