The 18th National Housing & Property Summit



The Housing & Property Industry has been for a long time a key engine of growth for the domestic economy with its links to numerous supporting and ancillary industries and services.  The robust health of the Housing & Property sector is key to the economic health and wellbeing of the nation.  A rising property market generates a wealth effect on the economy with its multiplier effects.  However, since the beginning of this year, the housing and property sector has somewhat been in the doldrums facing many challenges.  Several property developers have reported slower or sluggish sales since the beginning of the year.  The secondary marketing has also slowed down.  The challenge of providing more affordable housing remains unmet.


Many strategic issues and key challenges facing the Housing and Property sector needs to be addressed.  The question of sufficient bridging and end financing must be resolved as developers also report that many house buyers are unable to obtain housing loans.  Nevertheless, developers continue to launch many new projects.  Can the market absorb these new launches?  What are the constraints facing the Housing and Property industry?  What is the market outlook and strategic trends?  Where will the market move in the next 12th months to 18th months?


The 18th National Housing & Property Summit will address these key questions and strategic issues.  It will provide an apt and timely opportunity to feel the pulse of development and to assess the state of the housing and property industry.  The Annual National Housing & Property Summit is the pre-eminent National Conference and Industry event for the Housing & Property Industry to feel the rhythm and tempo of development. It is a must attend event for all players in the Housing & Property sector to be updated with new knowledge, new ideas and new information.



  • Analyse trends in Housing and Property sector.
  • Identify key issues and challenges facing the Property sector.
  • Evaluate the prospects in each subsector – condos, residential, commercial.
  • Exchange views on how to overcome any slowdown in the industry and to avoid a property bubble.
  • Update information and insights on new developments.
  • Identify and assess new property hot spots.



This Annual Summit will bring together Property Developers, Architects, Town Planners, Civil Engineers, Building Material Manufacturers and Suppliers, Property and Conveyancing Lawyers, Bankers, REITs Managers, Asset and Fund Managers, Real Estate Agencies, House Buyers, Government Officials from property-related Departments, Land Officers and other relevant parties interested in the Housing and Property sector.



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