The 18th Malaysian Capital Market Summit


The global economy is facing several challenges. The tapering off of the Quantitative Easing and the rise in interest rates in USA has led to an outflow of funds from emerging markets and putting pressures on local currencies. The Indonesian rupiah and Indian rupees have fallen by about 20%. The Malaysian ringgit has also depreciated against the US dollar. Concerns remain over the economic recovery in Europe. China is showing signs of slowing down. The Indian economy is experiencing slower growth. These global and regional economic developments could have an impact on the Malaysian economy. Domestically, Malaysia faces some economic challenges as well. The need to strengthen public finance and to reduce the budget deficit is a critical challenge which hopefully will be addressed in the October Budget.


Business Star recently wrote “that the rout in the stock markets is one that Asia has not seen for the past 12 years. Capital markets in Emerging Asia appear to have the rug pulled from under their feet for a variety of reasons. Capital markets in India, Indonesia and Malaysia have all experienced turbulence not seen for some time” (Business Star: 31st August 2013).


Bank Negara Malaysia has also recently lowered the growth estimates for this year to between 4.5%-5%. Slowing economic growth, fiscal deficits and weaknesses in the current account have led to a capital flight from the region’s capital markets and Malaysia is no exception. But it is not all gloom and doom. The Malaysian Government is expected to take strong measures to overcome the deficit and to take tough economic decisions. The Malaysian economy remains fairly resilient and diversified.


The 18th Malaysian Capital Market will focus on Malaysia’s economic outlook and challenges and how these will impact on the capital market. Many measures have been taken to strengthen the capital market. The 18th Malaysian Capital Market Summit provides a meeting of minds to feel the pulse of the economy and the tempo of development in Malaysia and to determine the directions the Malaysian economy will take in the coming year. The Chairman of the Securities Commission Dato’ Ranjit  Ajit Singh said the Malaysian capital market offers the 3C’s – Choice, Consistency and Competitive returns. The Malaysian capital market has become a strong platform for fund raising to provide finances for the nation’s growth and development.


The Annual Series of ASLI’s Malaysian Capital Market Summit is a landmark programme that have been addressed by Prime Ministers, Finance Ministers and Securities Commission Chairmen. It provides timely and reliable information and analysis to investors and market players. It is a high level gathering of industry players, fund managers, investment analysts and research houses to discuss issues of strategic importance to the market. The Summit provides participants with updates on key trends, risk management, future opportunities and major issues.


The 18th Malaysian Capital Market Sum it will :

■ discuss the future directions and prospects of the Malaysian economy;

■ review the challenges facing the Malaysian market with the outflow of foreign funds;

■ evaluate how the Bond Market will fare in the coming year;

■ assess how the tapering off of the Quantitative Easing and the US recovery will impact on regional markets;

■ review how corporate governance in Malaysia can be further upgraded.


Benefits of Participating:

■ obtain up-to-date and reliable information on how the global, regional and Malaysian economy will perform over the next 12-18 months;

■ get clarification from Senior Government Officials and Regulators;

■ review the prospects of the Bond Market following the funds outflow;

■ obtain feedback from market players and industry experts;

■ promote sharing of best practices;

■ identify new opportunities in the market.