The 18th Malaysia Strategic Outlook


There is a feeling of uncertainty in Malaysia lately, both in the economic and political front. The global economic headwinds, particularly the slowdown in China and the quantitative easing in the United States created an uncertain economic outlook although domestically the Malaysian economy remains robust with a 5% GDP growth though cost of living and cost of doing business have gone up. Recent acts of terrorism in Paris and other parts of the world also creates a sense of uncertainty. Politically, there are also some uncertainties. The Opposition Pact, Pakatan Harapan is in conflict with PAS and may split the Opposition Front. The Yellow Shirts, Red Shirts and Green Shirts have also created some concerns and apprehensions. Politics in Malaysia has not been the same anymore. How will these challenges and trends impact on the business environment?


The Annual Malaysia Strategic Outlook Conference, in its 18th edition is held at the beginning of each year to assess the key trends, strategic challenges and critical issues facing the nation in the coming year. The Conference will evaluate the key economic outlook for the nation and enable participants to feel the pulse of the economy and to take stock of current developments and trends that will have an impact on the business environment and investment climate. It is a highly acclaimed and well attended Conference focusing on key questions to ask. What does 2016 portend for Malaysia? Will the economy remain resilient and will growth be sustainable? How will the global and regional economic scenario impact on Malaysian business? What are the key political trends going forward? What are the big issues that will dominate the headlines in 2016? What is the future direction of the Malaysian nation? What can business expect in 2016? How will the Malaysian economy perform in 2016?


2016 though an uncertain and challenging year has many potential upsides for Malaysia. In November 2015, Malaysia hosted the 27th ASEAN and related summits including the East Asia Summit, and saw ASEAN becoming an economic community. Malaysia’s economic transformation remains on-track. The economic fundamentals remain strong and healthy. The 2016 Budget has also provided many benefits for the bottom 40% or B40 - the vulnerable group. The Annual Malaysia Strategic Outlook Conference will address the key issues at stake and provide answers and amplifications to your questions, better understand the factors and drivers that will shape the future of Malaysia and Malaysian business.