The 17th Malaysia Strategic Outlook Conference

The 17th Malaysia Strategic Outlook Conference
Forward Malaysia: Which Way Malaysia? Where Do We Go From Here?
27 January 2015
Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa 


Malaysia is at a critical crossroads as a nation. Will our National Unity hold, be strengthened or weakened? ill the robust economic performance in 2014 be sustainable into 2015 and beyond?


The Annual Malaysia Strategic Outlook Conference is held at the beginning of each year to assess the key trends, strategic challenges and critical issues facing the nation in the coming year. The Conference will evaluate the key economic outlook for the nation and enable participants to feel the pulse of the economy and to take stock of current developments and trends that will have an impact on the business environment and investment climate. It is a highly acclaimed and well attended Conference focusing on key questions to ask. What does 2015 portend for Malaysia? Will the economy remain resilient and will growth be sustainable? How will the global and regional economic scenario impact on Malaysian business? What are the key political trends going forward? What are the 5 big issues that will dominate the headlines in 2015? What is the future direction of the Malaysian nation? What can business expect in 2015? How will the Malaysian economy perform in 2015?


2015 promises to be another exciting year for Malaysia as the government gears up to reform the economy amidst global economic uncertainties. In 2014, Malaysia performed well economically with GDP growth expected to be around 5.8% based on the strong 1st half growth. Fiscal consolidation will lead to a decline in the budget deficit while foreign investments continue to increase. Going forward economic transformation needs to be accelerated. What will be the future growth driver and where are the new business and investment opportunities?