The 16th National Human Resources Summit


“The leaders of today’s fastest-growing and most dynamic companies understand how to put people at the centre of everything they do” –


People are an organisation’s greatest asset, the differentiating factor that gives the organisation its greatest competitive advantage. Strong understanding of all aspects of an organisation’s business is essential as HR is expected to be a strategic business partner and key adviser to the head of the organisation. Today’s HR professional can even rise all the way to the top as shown by Ms Anne Mulcahy of Xerox and Ms Mary Barra of General Motors. As the workplace in Malaysia and ASEAN becomes increasingly diversified, business leaders, policymakers and institutions of learning need to review their approaches to the evergreen issues of talent acquisition, management and development, as well as retention.


This summit will examine the major HR trends moving forward and their implications to employers; developing effective employer brand or reputation; developing employees to maximise their potential; building an emotionally committed multi-generational team and last but not least the business case for advancing women. The purposes of this summit are to provide industry updates, expert insights and practical knowledge; to generate thought-provoking discussions; and to facilitate networking, sharing and strategic partnerships amongst stakeholders to further the HR agenda in support of strategic business objectives within their respective organisations.



  • Gain insights on important developments, key trends and major forces in the HR landscape that interplay to impact your organisation’s talent acquisition, management and development, as well as retention
  • Benefit from the expertise and experience of HR leaders who make up the panel of role-players
  • Learn to effectively brand your organization to attract and retain the best people
  • Be exposed to the best practices in developing your people to maximise their potential and subsequently their contribution to your organization
  • Get expert tips and advice on engaging your multi-generational workforce so that you can build them into an emotionally committed team
  • Understand the business case for advancing women and learn the best practices to help propel the careers of women in your organization
  • Opportunity to broaden your network within the HR industry and across industries as well as
  • with policymakers, senior executives, business owners and academia