The 16th Malaysia Education Summit

Date : 23 APRIL 2012 to 24 APRIL 2012
Time : 8.00am
Venue : Sunway Resort Hotel & SPA Kuala Lumpur


Malaysia has been hard at work to transform its education system, with one of the underlying objectives being human capital development. The country realizes that as it moves towards a knowledge and innovation driven e

conomy, a world-class talent pool is absolutely essential. 

In recent years, we have seen deliberate and gradual steps taken to revamp education at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels which emphasises greater self-regulation and autonomy, academic excellence and student outcome, as well as a harmonisation of regulations across public and private institutions. Increasingly, the private sector is encouraged to play a bigger role in the transformation process that would liberalise and elevate education in Malaysia.

Entering into its 16th edition, this year's summit shall focus on major developments such as the role of education in a globalised world, university leadership & autonomy, academic integrity & excellence in higher education, strengthening our position as a leading education hub, education landscape & school choice, School Improvement Programme, teacher training & development, and the use of technology in schools and varsities.

The Malaysian Education Summit is the premier education conference of the year bringing together key decision makers, policy formulators, private sector players, educationists, academicians and investors to discuss the critical challenges facing Malaysian education and opportunities available for private sector participation as the private sector continues to play an integral role in partnership with the public sector in opening up education space in Malaysia. This is an important meeting of minds to feel the pulse of the education sector and to be updated on new trends and developments.