National Economic Summit & Dialogue with The Prime Minister of Malaysia



Date : 7 March 2014
Time : 8.00am ~ 12.30pm
Venue : Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


2014 has brought to the fore many important challenges and issues facing the Malaysian economy.


Removal of subsidies arising from subsidy rationalization has caused prices of many products to go up.  Inflation is expected to increase this year.  The planned introduction of the Goods and Services Tax will also cause some uncertainty over its impact on prices.


There is a feeling of trepidation and uncertainty in the Malaysian economy.  Yet at the macro-level, the Malaysian economy is moving along well.  GDP growth in 2013 was encouraging and growth prospects for 2014 remain buoyant.


The Malaysian economy has shown resilience.  Yet there is some gloom on the ground as people strive to cope with increased cost of living.


What are some of the other critical issues facing the Malaysian economy?  How can we overcome and cope with these challenges?  What is Malaysia’s real economic wealth?  What can we do moving ahead?