MARKETPLACE SERIES: Entrepreneurship and Partnership in Nation Building

Malaysia is facing unprecedented challenges in many areas including political leadership, business ethics, racial harmony and religious freedom, education standards, as well as the breaking down of marriages and families, which raises the question of what we, who are the people of this country, can do.


FGBMF and ASLI see the need to engage, influence and transform the marketplace, which is a place where many people spend a significant portion of their lives. According to Dr Philip Lyn, Jesus’ spent more than 50% of his life in the marketplace. In fact, more than 92% of Jesus’ public ministry was in the marketplace! 97% of the miracles recorded in Acts happened in the marketplace and 86% of parables were related to the marketplace, which underscores the importance of the marketplace.


The Marketplace Series of Forum is a community project by FGBMF and ASLI to reach out to the business community to share knowledge and insights as well as encouragement to help people thrive in the marketplace, in order to build a more prosperous, flourishing society in line with our nation’s aspiration.


As the first forum in the series, this topic of “Entrepreneurship and Partnership in Nation Building” has been chosen to reflect on the mutual desire of FGBMF and ASLI to contribute towards nation building through joint outreach efforts in the marketplace, with specific focus on entrepreneurship and also partnership between the private sector and the government.