Malaysia 2020 Vision, ASEAN Microfinance Conference

Social and economic prosperity concepts encompass more financial and non-financial products and services, new delivery channels as well as more players engaged (including banks, transfer agencies, Micro lending institutes). It is then critical to understand how microfinance fits these concepts and discuss if there are any threats or new opportunities that can be explored by microfinance.


Most of ASEAN economy depends heavily on SME’s and due to the importance of micro enterprises for stable economic growth. Keeping it in a prime view Malaysian government with the cooperation of Bank Negara has encouraged the involvement of more and more financial institutions in providing microcredit products to the public.


Microfinance aims to gather the key players of the industry together. The event is created to streamline the networks’ general assemblies and facilitate partnerships. This event provides a platform to encourage dialogue and address issues in the microfinance sector in South East Asia region.





•     Discover the most flexible & affordable Micro finance inclusions and what it can help you achieve.

•     Expand your knowledge building on, implementing crowd funding strategies

•     Shape our vision and roadmap for technology-enabled financial inclusion

•     Understand strategic importance of risk management for Micro finance products

•     Develop strategies to increase the volume of and access to Micro finance products to low income and the Micro institutes

•     Best practices to ensure efficient and transparent performance

•     Incorporate best technology practices like Mobile payment, m commerce likewise

•     Gain insights of different Models and Deposit Management in Islamic Microfinance

•     Understand organizational structure required for micro lending business

•     Update yourself on Islamic Finance and its implications for microfinance

•     Principles of Islamic program and products and how they can help traditional micro finance organisations