Healthcare Forum 2014

The value of Malaysia’s healthcare industry is estimated to be approximately MYR 8.4 billion. As a percentage of GDP, the nation’s total healthcare expenditure is estimated at 4.75% according to Inside Malaysia. In terms of per capita expenditure on healthcare, Malaysia’s spending is USD 346 in comparison to China’s USD 278 and the United States’ USD 8608 according to the World Bank. Quoting the Minister of Health, by 2020 Malaysia expects to generate Gross National Income (GNI) of MYR 35.5 billion and create 181,000 jobs in the healthcare sector. Based on these statistics, the healthcare industry has tremendous potential for growth. Furthermore, Malaysia’s continued economic growth has fuelled higher incomes and living standards which have changed the nation’s epidemiological population profile through aging, urbanisation and lifestyle transformation. Such changes also fuel greater demand for healthcare of all forms and functions. The real challenge for Malaysian healthcare today centres upon meeting the ever increasing demand without compromising on quality in order to maintain the standing of Malaysia’s healthcare system as one of the best in the world.


To address the needs of Malaysia’s changing demography, this forum will serve as a discussion platform for healthcare practitioners, consultants, insurers, suppliers, researchers, industry leaders, and policy makers as well as other related professionals. Key concerns for discussion includes the future of the healthcare industry in terms of key drivers and new opportunities; developments in terms of various initiatives and innovations in early detection and treatment of diseases; medical tourism especially in the areas of aesthetic medicine and aged care; as well as looking into developments in healthcare financing options to cater to the needs of all segments of society to ensure affordable access to all.


Who Should Attend?
This forum will benet Healthcare and Medical Professionals as well as:
  • Hospitals and other Healthcare or Medical Institutions or Organisations
  • Healthcare or Medical Associations, Consultants, Analysts, Legal Advisers, Financial Advisers
  • Government Bodies
  • Pharmaceuticals’ Companies
  • Medical Devices’ Manufacturers
  • Research and Development Institutions
  • Insurers, Bankers or other Financiers for Healthcare
  • Travel Agencies, Hotels and other Organisations catering to Medical Tourism
  • Investors
  • Rehabilitation Centres, Wellness Centres, Spas
  • Employers across industries
  • Academia
  • General Public interested in healthcare matters

Why Attend?

  • Gain insights into the healthcare industry’s growth potential in Malaysia
  • Learn about the key drivers and new opportunities to look out for in the future of Malaysia’s healthcare industry
  • Get first-hand knowledge of the trends and innovations in prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases
  • Get updates on the rising trends in healthcare as well as developments in the financing of healthcare
  • Benefit from the experience and expertise of highly knowledgeable and experienced role-players
  • Understand your organisation’s role in contributing towards a healthier nation, which translates into a healthier workforce and improved bottom-line for your organisation
  • Opportunity to broaden your network and form synergistic partnerships with like-minded professionals and organisations