Healthcare Forum 2012 - The New World of Healthcare - Rise of Healthcare Consumers & Opportunities for Malaysia

Date : 22 OCTOBER 2012
Time : 8.00am
Venue : Swan Convention Centre, Sunway Medical Centre


Globally, the size of the middle class is projected to increase from 1.8 billion people to 4.9 billion by 2030, with Asia contributing 85% of this growth. According to a recent OEDC working paper, Asia's rising middle class will increase consumer spending from USD4.9 billion in 2009 to more than USD32.6 billion in 2030. That is, the Asian middle class spending will grow from 23% to an astounding 59% of total worldwide middle class expenditure.

On the bright side, rising a!uence of the middle class has brought about a higher level of education and awareness in health matters and is consequently driving up demand for quality healthcare. However, this newfound wealth does coming with a health warning. Rapid economic development that brought us to a prosperous rise has also contributed to changing disease incidences arising from epidemiologic and demographic transitions, a growth in chronic diseases and lifestyle choices with negative medical outcomes.

Positively or otherwise, growing wealth and populace will have direct impact on both public and private healthcare systems in Malaysia and the Asian region. How will opinions, expectations and needs of healthcare consumers shape the direction of healthcare development? How will changing demographics of consumers a"ect healthcare policies, public & private #nancing model and the healthcare delivery model? What long term impact and opportunities will this bring to Malaysia's healthcare industry?

The Healthcare Forum 2012 aims to bring the above questions to the forefront for deliberation. It is imperative that regional healthcare professionals and stakeholders from both public and private channels including healthcare institutions, regulators and policy formulators, health insurers and supporting industries such as pharmaceutical and medical technology to come together and address the challenges head-on. The forum will also serve as a timely gathering for the healthcare community and like-minded individuals to feel the pulse of the industry and to be updated on new trends and developments.