CIO Forum


Date : 24-25 February 2014
Time : 9.00am ~ 5.00pm
Venue : Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


Now a days Enterprise Data Management is a challenge for organizations because it requires alignment among multiple departments (including IT, operations, finance, strategy and marketing) and relates to an area (creation and use of common data) that has not traditionally had a clear “owner.” IT is just a custodian of EDM not the owner.

The challenges associated with quantification of Enterprise Data Management for a CIO benefits IT and translate into challenges with the positioning of EDM as a must do thing on list of CEO. Achieving organizational alignment on the importance of data management is the domain of data governance.

Data quality, master data management, metadata management, data warehousing architecture and data integration: These are all pieces of the data management puzzle, but rare is the enterprise that has assembled these pieces into a cohesive and coherent picture. Get it right and you can count on clean and consistent data from transaction systems.

This CIO forum will emphasizes data precision, granularity, and meaning and is concerned with how content is integrated into business applications as well as how it is passed along from one business process to another.

Strategies discuss in this forum will help you define and deliver quality data, ensuring consistency, and sufficient granularity to power business processes and empower decision makers.


Who should attend:

• Chief Information Officers,

• Chief Data Officers

• Chief Technology Officers,

• Corporate Planners

• IT Managers,

• IT analyst

• Project Managers,

• Enterprise Architects

• BPR Analysts,

• BPM Analysts

• Business and Systems Analysts

• Systems Developers,

• Software engineers

• Enterprise Architects

• Data Managers

• IT Security Managers

• Data warehouse Managers