CFO Summit 2015


CFO’s in Malaysia has had tough 2014, with many happenings causing negative impact towards the business society. At the end of 2014, total federal debt both domestic and offshore amounted to RM582.8 billion or 54.5% of gross domestic product (GDP), according to a statement by the Finance Ministry in March 2015.


Putrajaya remained committed to ensuring that the federal government debt levels did not exceed 55% of GDP. However, the situation needs to be addressed not only by government but also by everyone else. Most Finance leaders have been facing situations that elevates them from mere finance guardian to leaders of broader strategic changes.



However, with the constant evolving situation in Malaysia, CFO’s are becoming vigilant. They do understand that positioning the organisation to the top is a game of chances. What are the current challenges CFO’s need to address in order to remain on top of their field? How does the macro and micro economic indicators influence the CFO’s during decision making? What are the alternative routes taken by other exemplary leaders of organisation around the world to be number 1? And what is beyond the Number 1 title? These are several burning questions that CFO Summit 2015 is looking to examine and evaluate.


Why You Should Not Miss Out

• Be the power of changes in your organization
• Adapt standards that will move your organization forward
• Engage technologies & methodologies that proven its worth in the industry
• Prevent the risk of corporate fraud within your own organization
• Learn & adapt with your environment; the best often stands till the end
Meet and network with new minds, new ideas and new platform of Finance world in Malaysia


Who should attend

CFOs, COOs, CROs, Presidents, VPs, Managing Directors, Directors, General Managers, Group Managers,

Country Managers, Senior Managers, Managers, Heads of:

• Finance
• Financial Controller
• Financial Risk Management
• Treasury / Treasurer
• Internal Control
• Enterprise Risk Management
• Accounting
• Tax Management
• Internal Audit
Business Development & Strategy