CFO Summit 2012 - NextGen CFO: Meeting future challenges with best practices in cash, credit, risk and change management

Date : 16 JULY 2012
Time : 8.30am
Venue : Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur

In this challenging world economy, Chief Financial Officers (CFO) have a critical role to play in providing leadership and financial strategy to support business growth and remain competitive. CFOs are constantly under pressure from investors to increase shareholders' value while promoting better transparency and governance on the financial transactions and at the same time adhere to manage tight investment budget, control cost and to improve overall business performance. Today, the CFO not only must control as well as his predecessor ever did; but must now be vitally involved in strategies, value adding, predictive information, performance management and governance.

The financial crisis has sparked a renewed interest in the capabilities of CFOs, who are facing huge challenges in their new roles; which directly results in extreme pressure due to escalating demands from multiple constituents, fewer resources, and compromised lifestyle. CFOs are expected to continuously come up with ways to cut cost and chart growth plans during lean times. The credit crunch will also attract unwanted attention from outside forces and subject to greater scrutiny by prosecutors, regulators, and stakeholders. It is therefore vital for CFOs to equip themselves with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to help set the strategic growth direction of their organisation in creating a strong, profitable and credible market presence.

In recognising the rising demands posed on CFOs, The Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute is proud to present you the Chief Financial Officers Conference 2012. Our panel of distinguished speakers will address key issues including the evolving role of CFOs, delivering value through M&A, tax issues, maximising shareholder value, risk management, outsourcing, leveraging on IT to increase finance efficiency and understanding how economic indicators can affect the performance of your business.