Most of Indonesian economy depends heavily on SME’s comprising a major portion of overall GDP. Micro enterprises are enabler of the economic growth. Keeping it in a prime view current government is going liberal and encouraging banks and MFI’s to provide microcredit products to the public in order to fuel growth in slowing economy.

Practical considerations and innovative approaches will dominate microfinance practices more than ever this year in the face of challenging economic conditions. For this reason, more micro finance institutions and banks are seeking to unlock business innovation in a booming micro finance market in Indonesia.

Microfinance industry players in Indonesia should gear up for competition ad capturing market while developing technologies and enabling businesses to go smart. There are unmet demands that need to be met in order to achieve business profitability through expanding customer base in order to maintain commercial sustainability.

The quest for new revenue streams and more cost-effective ways of doing business has placed MFI’s under the spotlight as a critical enabler of a strong economy.

Engage, educate, entertain unbanked customers is underlining theme of the this conference.

ASLI Microfinance aims to gather the key players of the industry together to discuss challenges of inclusive finance. The event is created to streamline the networks' general assemblies and facilitate partnerships. This event provides a platform to encourage dialogue and address issues in the microfinance practices, products and organizational strategies.

This conference is open to all microfinance practitioners, related sectors and actors of inclusive and alternative finance.