Asean Tourism Marketing Destination Forum

Date : 25-26 June 2013
Time : 9.00am
Venue : Seri Pacific Hotel KUALA LUMPUR

Although pivotal to the travel and tourism system, the destination is widely acknowledged to be one of the most difficult products to manage and market. Over the coming decade, the challenges facing destination marketers are likely to be even greater with a whole host of issues likely to impact on the future marketing of destinations. This conference seeks to utilise an exploratory framework that brings together those issues deemed to be of significance to the future marketing of the destination product and examine the extent to which the framework can be applied to the marketing of destination.

Various demographic shifts in the region are going to see significant travel pattern shifts with those countries with ageing populations (such as Japan and Korea), to emerging countries with younger populations (such as Vietnam). The focus of this conference will be to look at what informed research is needed to enable the tourism industries to be better placed to understand and present options for the future of destination marketing in the region. How government agencies can co-operate across the region, and how companies, consultants and academic can develop their own agendas to contribute to a wider understanding of the changes that are underway.

The theme and focus of this conference is on the challenges facing Asia-Pacific as it moves toward becoming the epicentre of growth for global tourism. Understanding the emerging travel patterns of the new middle class of Asia is going to be increasingly important for not only destination marketing organisations within and outside the region, but also airlines, hotels and tour operators.