2nd National Conference on Greater KL

Date : 22 MAY 2012
Time : 9.00am
Venue : Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala lumpur

This 2nd national Conference on greater KL will focus on the progress made in the journey to transform greater KL into a world class sustainable and smart city from the many programmes and initiatives under the greater KL NKEA in the economic transformation programme. The exciting river of Life project, the commencement of the Mrt project and other initiatives planned will help remake greater KL into one of the world’s leading and most livable cities. it will transform the livelihood of the people living in greater KL and will vastly expand business and investment opportunities.

This Conference will bring together key experts in city planning and development, policy formulators and decision makers, entrepreneurs and investors, foreign multinational corporations, universities, think tanks and civil society organizations to discuss how the greater KL NKEA will benefit the stakeholders and the business community. How can we become a smarter city of the 21st century that will achieve social, economic and technological transformation of greater KL and create a safer, modern metropolis?

The Conference will address the strategic issues, review the emerging trends and assess the new business and investment opportunities unfolding in the new urban conurbation that is now being transformed into greater KL. How will this transformation benefit business and the people of KL? What can they expect? How can they be involved in the transformation journey?