18th Malaysian Education Summit 2014

Changing Priorities and Changing Trends: Transforming Malaysian Education 
15 - 16 May 2014 | SWAN Convention Centre (Sunway Medical Centre)


The Malaysian education system is undergoing rapid transformation due to the new demands placed by our nation’s economic transformation and the rising expectations of parents. Furthermore, Malaysia also needs to improve the quality of education to match the higher benchmark for world education standard today. The rapid global digital and technology innovation while providing exciting new opportunities in the education _eld has also brought new challenges to it.


To meet this constantly changing trends and priorities, there is a need to relook all aspects of education especially at primary and secondary levels in order to produce quality graduates from universities and colleges. Thus, the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025 has been introduced to address education concerns at the primary and secondary levels. There is also a greater emphasis on the need for quality education experience enhanced by quality teaching and more parental involvement in the students’ well- being.


The need for the training of more excellent teachers to teach, mentor and guide our students has never been more critical. The recruitment process of teachers must also be reevaluated to ensure only those quali_ed and choose to make teaching their choice of profession to be given the priority.


Therefore, the Malaysian higher institutions also need to relook ways to improve its quality and incorporate innovative ideas into the teaching, research and administration of the institutions. The rapid changing world today also required higher institutions to constantly relook at some of the courses to cater to mature students or working professionals to equip them with new knowledge and skills as the 21st century employment landscape is an ever changing and demanding one where highly sought after jobs today may extinct a decade later.


The Malaysian Education Summit aims to bring together key stakeholders in Malaysian Education to brainstorm how best to further enhance the quality of education as well as to discuss critical issues on the implementation of the new education blueprint. The Summit will also discuss key trends and identify new opportunities in the education sector. It is a key forum for interchange of views and sharing of best practices.